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About XtremeEliteBoot+:

"XtremeEliteBoot" (XEB) was a project started in 2012 by "Howling Wolf Naru-José" and "Chelsea_Fantasy"
(aka: "Howling Wolf & Chelsea"). It is intended to be a "ready to use", "all-in-one", "noob-proof" alternative
to "FreeMcBoot". Also, XEB featured some exclusive features that no PS2 homebrew was able to provide
until the time of writing this (2017-11-15).

The original XEB never was released on the internet, but it was distributed in Cuba on a very small circle of people.
A companion PC tool for XEB named "USB Installer" (specifically the 3.x versions) was released on the internet on 2013,
but only for the web and once that web closed three years ago, the software kinda dissapear from
the public eyes. Anyway, it was re-uploaded by a PS2-Home user on November 2016.
If you compare both GUIS, you will found they share the background and affects:


Now, on 2017, we (Howling Wolf & Chelsea), want to bring XEB back and finally publish it on the web.
We want to make an upgraded version of the original XEB, named XEB+ (a very original name for an
upgraded version)... Anyway, we need some help from the PS2 sceners worldwide (read bellow for details).
We think we can release it around 2018/01 or 2018/02. We already coded the new interface and functions
(in other words, everything running on the PS2 side), the only thing left to code are the companion
PC tools for the XEB+ exclusive features and game launchers. For the curious, just take a look at the
new interface (we made some censorship on the picture to hide some stuff):

We will not say a word about what are the XEB+ exclusive features, not even a hint.

We hope you look forward for the release of XtremeEliteBoot+ on 2018.

We need translators and beta-testers

We are trying to make XEB+, easy to use for every user. One of the most biggest milestones is the languages.
Our native language it's Spanish, and as you can read, or English it's not the best. We are actually looking for
translators. We have plans of releasing XEB+ on at least "Spanish" and "English", but we also have our doors
opens for any other translations. If you can translate from "Spanish" or "English" to any other language,
please contact us at or

Also, once we finish the coding of all the companion apps, we will announce a release date and on the
waiting time for the release, we will like to start a closed beta test for two weeks.
If you wanted to be a part of the beta test program, feel free to contact us at: or

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